Sharing by Dr El-Said M. Abdel-Hady

Dear graduates,

Today, you are formally graduates of the Mansoura Manchester programme for medical education. The dean has signed your results and all 48 candidates have passed the exam.

This is the honor list of top 10 of the final year (year 6 only) , the cumulative score of all 6 years is coming on Saturday in shaa allah:

1- Basim Helmy (89.92%)
2- Amr El-Lithy (88.92%)
3- Mahmoud Nosseir (86.69%)
4-Fatimah Alzain (86.23%): KSA
5- Sherif M. Shawer (86%)
6- Ayman El-baz (83.08%)
7- Shimaa Mahmoud El-Monier (81%)
8- Ahmed Mahmoud El-Adl (80. 85%)
9- Dhamrha Nazha Mohamed Nasser (80.46%): Malaysia
10- Husna Aisha Shehar El-Deen (79.77%): Malaysia

Million Mabrouk to all of you and your families and your countries,

Best regards,


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