JOM ‘Google’ – Thursday, 26th August, 10am-5pm

Salam, Ramadhan Kareem! May Allah swt’s rahmat shine on you!
As part of our effort to ‘multi-skilling’ our family members, we can’t run away from all the rapid IT application development. And, the current in-thing is GOOGLE application!
The objective is to train as many as possible, but to start it off……let’s TRAIN the ‘SIFU’!!…….
We will select and develop ‘GOOGLE SIFU’ among us, with hope, we can duplicate the same training in Mesir (Insyallah, Ameen). Those choosen, must commit to share knowledge with others later (during cuti2 Mesir lah!)
VENUE: 48, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama , Kuala Lumpur
1st session: 10-1pm:Google Applications Training
2nd session: 2-5pm : Hands ON Workshop
‘JOM Google ‘ Workshop Synopsis
1. Introduction to Google Application
2.Empowering web application to enhance your organisation
3. Step by step guide in setting up Google application
It’s FREE OF CHARGE ….but please bring your lappy along!

We pray that this effort would produce better ‘MultiSkill’ Muslim Doctors….Ameen
Salam & Lots of Love,

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