Assalamualaikum and good day everyone! Well today we got someone very special and very near to our heart which is none other than our own; PROFESSOR DR. HALA MAKLAD.

Currently she is the Coordinator of the IUMP Students and one of our professors in the Physiology Department of Alexandria University, Egypt.

Her presence of such a role model to her students and motherly figure to all of us had make us wonder what was her secret to be a successful doctor and a wonderful person. Therefore let us follow her interview below and hopefully this will encourage us to become a better doctor/person in a future.

1) Dr Hala, can you share a glimpse about your life and why you chose medicine?

I am a mother of 2 children, a professor in the Physiology department and the Coordinator of the IUMP students. Since I was in primary school, I always wanted to become a doctor and treat patients. Because of that, I studied hard to become the best student as only the best student was accepted in medicine. When I graduated from secondary school, I got 94% and the minimum score to enter faculty of medicine during that time was 89%. So I had all opportunities to choose between medicine, dentistry or pharmacy. But, I specifically chose medicine as I could treat patients from all their suffering.

2) What were your dreams when you were a medical student?

From the first second I entered faculty of medicine, I knew that I had to be the best. A doctor which is professional, excellent and always on the top; not only midway. I wanted to become a specialist in surgery or obstetrics and gynecology. I was the 20th in my batch during graduation but because of certain circumstances, I chose Physiology instead and I never regretted my decision. After a few year as a lecturer in the Physiology department, I was trusted by my colleagues, workers and students to be a coordinator and since then, I involved myself in administration.

3) What are your secrets behind your success in your studies?

Study hard. That is the only job and responsibility for you as a student. The moment you spend your time on useless things, your time won’t come back. As Prophet Muhammad said: “ ان الله يحب اذا عمل أحدكم العمل أن يتقنه” Which means: Surely, Allah loves when someone does his best.

4) Lately, the results of Malaysian students are getting worse. What are your comments and advises?

I met with the students and they told me that there were a few professors which were difficult to understand. Even so, the students should not depend 100% on the professors and study on their own. If they have any difficulties in understanding the subject, they should refer to another professor as the doors are always open. All professors are willing to help and our job here is to teach the students. Apart from that, the students should also revise the topic they learned on the same day without delay as they will forget if they don’t do so and it will become more difficult. The topic should also be revised multiple times (understanding and recall).

When I was a student, I would study 6 hours every day and manage my time properly. I will start studying at 6 pm until midnight and have little sleep. As a doctor, you should always target to be the best. If you were a patient, you would never give your soul to an ordinary or incompetent doctor. Doctors are one of the professions that deals with a human’s life. So no chances for mistakes. Any mistakes can cause death or complications for the patients.

5) What was the biggest challenge that you’ve been through to have reached to this level?

As I said before, the main reason I wanted to be a doctor was to treat patients. But when I involved myself in education, my times spent with patients were reduced so it was difficult for me at first. Later on, I enjoyed my profession and begin to search on how to make my teaching more interesting, simple and easy to understand. I read lots of books and asked the senior professors if I did not understand. It is definitely difficult for me to balance between being a doctor, a professor and an IUMP coordinator. But I insist in helping the students and the international program to be more successful. My aim is to see the graduates from the International program reach the same level as other graduates from other international universities such as from the UK and USA.

6) What are your motivations to keep working hard?

Feeling responsible. I feel responsible to be a good mother. So I always make sure that my son and daughter are studying. I feel responsible to my students. So I do my best for them and I refuse to be a failure. I put a lot of efforts in my work and I am satisfied with myself. I am proud to see successful graduates who love me and still keep in contact with me even though they have graduated 3-4 years ago.

7) What would you say to those who think that women should not be leaders?

I think women can also do what men can do. As an example, in Britain. They are led by Queen Elizabeth. As long as she sets her goal, she can achieve it even though she has a lot of responsibilities.

8) What are your final advice for the students?

The moment you enter medicine, you must realize that medicine is a difficult profession and you should make a lot of sacrifices. You should have a motive to keep you going. Put a plan in front of you; what you want to be in the future. Work hard and do your best.

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