Medical graduates free to work in other sectors while waiting for housemanship

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry does not bar medical graduates who have not been called up to undergo housemanship at government hospitals to work in other sectors as long as they comply with the stipulated medical practitioner ethics. Its minister, Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam said the move was allowed for the duration the graduates were not called to do housemanship at government hospitals.

“We don’t stop them from getting any attachment anywhere during that interim period, as long as it is ethically right and not against the rules. “They cannot take care of patients independently, because to do that you have to register with the medical counsel and undergo housemanship,” he told reporters after opening the 10th national conference for clinical research (NCCR) themed ‘Big Data Driving Clinical Research for Health’, here, today. He said this when asked if medical graduates who were still waiting to be called up for their housemanship could do outside work such as becoming researchers at the clinical division.

Earlier, Subramaniam in his opening speech said the government was committed to developing Malaysia into an internationally renowned centre of excellence for the development of new drugs and treatment strategies. “The Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) has been exploring the early phase of clinical research through the Phase 1 Realization Project (P1RP). “Phase 1 clinical trials play a key role in enhancing Malaysia’s capability in the development of medical science and treatment of diseases,” he said adding that multiple economic advantages could be obtained by Malaysia as the nation opens its doors to early phase studies. 

NCCR is co-organised by Clinical Research Centre (CRC), Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) and the Society for Clinical Research Professionals Malaysia (SCRPM). With 24 locally and renowned speakers including from Korea, Taiwan and Australia, the conference serves as a platform that brings scientists, researchers, medical and health professionals together to share and exchange scientific ideas, inspire new research, and research findings. –Bernama

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