The Shell Malaysia Scholarship 2016 opens for application from Monday, 11th January 2016 to Wednesday, February 10th 2016.

Shell Malaysia Scholarship 2016
At Shell, we are always on the lookout for remarkable graduates that help us to pioneer new ways to meet the world’s demand for energy, to build and develop the capabilities of today’s talent that will ultimately contribute towards the development of this nation.

Since its inception, Shell Malaysia has sponsored more than 1500 deserving graduates to pursue their higher education in various fields of studies relevant to the Oil and Gas industry. It is a platform for students who are intending or currently pursuing their full-time undergraduate and postgraduate studies in universities recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE), both locally and abroad. 

Fields of Studies
We are looking to sponsor students intending or currently pursuing their higher education in the following fields of studies:

Engineering: Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Petroleum, Electrical & Electronics

Sciences: Geology, Geosciences, Geomatics, Geoinformatics, Biostratigraphy,

Commercial: Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Business & Management

We also encourage students with disability to submit in your application.

– Shell Malaysia Local Undergraduate Scholarships
– Shell Malaysia Overseas Undergraduate Scholarships

How to Apply
Please read the Shell Malaysia Scholarship Candidate Guide to ensure a successful application.


Step 1 – Online application

    Create an account, or login via an existing account
    Apply and upload the latest version of your CV/résumé
    Before submitting your application you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire

Step 2 – Online assessment

If successful during the application stage, you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to complete the online assessment. There are two parts to the online assessment.

* NOTE: Each part must be completed and submitted within 7 working days before the links within the e-mails you receive expire.

Part 1: A series of competency-based questions

These will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will not be timed. Once completed, you’ll receive an email notification and this includes a link to begin Part 2 of the online assessment.

Part 2: Consists of two tasks: a decision-making and a problem-solving task: You will need to complete both tasks.

* NOTE: The decision-making task is not timed, but the problem-solving task does have a time limit. This assessment should take around 45 minutes to complete in total.

The decision-making task assesses how you respond to common situations that Shell graduates may face, and the problem-solving task assesses your capacity for solving numerical reasoning problems.

Step 3 – An interview

Once you have submitted Part 2 of the online assessment we will review the results before contacting you to discuss a potential interview.

The interview will be conducted via telephone. This is an opportunity for you to tell us more about your motivations for applying, your achievements, the challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve demonstrated the qualities we’re looking for- What We Are Looking For.

Successfully passing your interview we will review for possible face-2-face Shell Scholarship Assessment.

Step 4 – Shell Scholarship Assessment

Following your success in the first-stage interview, you will be invited to attend a half day assessment  where you will complete a range of assessed exercises covering group discussion, written task,  self-reflection interview, case study presentation and final interview.


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