Bismillahirahmanirahim, Assalamualaikum wbth,
Alhamdulillah, The much awaited event is now in Cairo !
All praise and Thanks to Allah swt ! 
Very Timely !  Prof Madya Dr Harlina Siraj and Dr Hafidzah Mustakim are coming to meet our Malaysian Medical Students in Egypt.  Despite of their busy schedule after meeting our truly Malaysian Students in UK and Ukraine, Egypt surely will not be missed out….
Thanks for making the time to inspire all our Medical students in Egypt ! May Allah swt blesses  both of u always….
Thanks to Education Malaysia Egypt and Kelab IKRAM Mesir for organizing such event!  It would indeed be a gift that will transform our students mindset and hence, inspire them to excell as a MEDICAL students! Biiznillah 🙂

This would be the tentative programs:-
0800     Arrival and Registration

0830     Quran Recitation, Speech and Open Ceremony
0900     Interactive Lecture: becoming Five Star Medical Doctors, 
            Serving Malaysia Health Sector
1000     Survival Tips for Medical Students
1030     Morning breaks
1100     Interactive Lecture : Medical Professioanlisme – 
            What Medical   Students Should Know? 
            Capacity Skill Building : Managing Diversity
1400     Survival Tips for Medical Students
1500     Capacity Skill Building : Emotional Intelligence
1600     Capacity Skills Building : Critical Thinking
To all Medical Students in Egypt, pls register yourself here ! The event is OPEN to ALL…and NOT LIMITED to MEDICMESIR! 
See u soon in Cairo 🙂
Uhhibukum fillah and Salam 🙂
uMMi ~MM

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