SPM 2011 Mabruq and Thank Allah ! Wannabe Doctors …See u this Saturday at UPM !

Assalamualaikum wbth…

To all SPM 2011 candidates…Mabruq and Alhamdulillah 
What ever your results would be….Thanks to Allah. Its not the end of the world yet….its just part of a long destiny 
Pick up your pieces and hold your heads up high…keep on moving until you SUCCEED and SUCCEED
It doesn’t matter where you began…what matter most is where you are heading and how you end…
To those aspiring to take up Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy. 
MedicMesir is holding a talk this Saturday, 24th Mac 2012, 10-12noon at Faculty of Medicine, UPM, Serdang.  Check out www.medicmesir.com

See u there InshaAllah

Lots of Luv,

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