Stay put until Govt gives green light, students told

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysian students should only return to Cairo after the Government has determined that the country’s political situation in the Egyptian capital is stable.Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay said the Malaysian mission there would monitor the political developments closely and submit status reports to Wisma Putra.“Our diplomatic mission is still operating and our ambassador and diplomats are there to monitor the situation. We will evaluate the situation and also brief relevant agencies, including the National Security Council.“When we are satisfied that the situation in Egypt is safe for them to return, we will inform the students.“I hope our students will remain here for a while and wait for us to advise them,” he said yesterday.Kohilan, who was in Cairo to oversee the evacuation exercise of Malaysians, said Ops Piramid would culminate today, adding that two last flights from Jeddah ferrying 602 Malaysians were expected to land at KL International Airport by noon.Yesterday, a total 1,010 Malaysians returned on four flights.“Ops Piramid was a success because everyone – government agencies, the private sector and also NGOs – played their part to ensure the safe return of fellow Malaysians,” Kohilan said.Al-Azhar University students Basirah Abu Bakar and Abu Bakar Razak said they were determined to return to Cairo to continue their studies but agreed that the situation should ease first.“I am still shaken up over the demonstrations in Cairo, but it will be a waste not to complete my studies,” Basirah

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